Transsexual males and motivation

I do not support this redefining of 'woman' and 'man' as "gender" terms, rather than sex terms, as you then imply that to BE a woman, you must be feminine, and likewise, to be a man, you must be masculine. They have spent decades trying to eradicate HSTS trans women by turning them into gay men, with the aid of quacks like Ken Zucker and many others, alongside religious and other influences. It then seems odd in a patriarchal society that men would wear dress-like clothing. I don't believe any style of clothing nor any specific behavior is exclusive to one sex. In , a team of neuroscientists compared 18 female-to-male transsexuals with 24 male and 19 female gynephilic controls, using an MRI technique called diffusion tensor imaging or DTI. What they sometimes do is put the person on testosterone blockers, so that their libido decreases, and then see what happens to their interest in transitioning.
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Causes of transsexuality

The individual may work very hard to suppress these elements of their sexuality, and many succeed; we simply do not know how many AGPs live their lives as men. Then please explain it and do so without referring to sexist stereotypes and gender roles, circular reasoning and unproven concepts such as 'core gender identity'. There is also the theory that for many it's a form of gay conversion therapy as in Iran where the state pays gays and lesbians to become the opposite sex and thus fit in with conservative society, or that it's a means of escaping sexism, mysoginy and lesbophobia in the case of trans men. They have spent decades trying to eradicate HSTS trans women by turning them into gay men, with the aid of quacks like Ken Zucker and many others, alongside religious and other influences. Years ago, men did not pierce their ears. MtF transsexuals were found to have a higher digit ratio than control males, but one that was comparable to control females.
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Do transgender people sometimes have sexual motives to transition? - Quora

Just think, I transitioned in my late 40's. In fact, preliminary research indicates that transgender people have the brain structure and function that is more typical of the gender they identify as. Imaging studies are notorious for producing ambiguous data, which are often interpreted in a biased manner - specifically, without sound mechanistic interpretations. However, little had I known that Las Cruces was going to be one of the worst places to live for transgender in America. If I approach a mare and decide it's motherly simply because it's a mare I could end up being kicked from here to Timbuktu. That is a sexist premise.
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Gender dysphoria In children Health care Pregnancy Sex reassignment therapy surgery to female to male Transsexual. Part of it relates to catching up on lost time, or recapturing a lost teenage girl phase. This effect is strong evidence that gender identity is a biological, hormonal, brain-based phenomenon, and not just a social construct. I appreciate the nuanced view you have-- that being trans isn't necessarily about presenting as "the other gender", perhaps partly because you may not identify very much as the other gender in the way most people see it according to stereotypes. Another team of neuroscientists, led by Nawata in Japan, used a technique called single-photon emission computed tomography SPECT to compare the regional cerebral blood flow rCBF of 11 gynephilic FtM transsexuals with that of 9 androphilic cis females. These are described briefly here to eliminate them from this discussion:.
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